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Yosemite in Full Bloom

When describing my natural style choice for my designs I would categorize it as "rustic elegance" long before the rustic world took the wedding industry by storm. Shannon and Mark's wedding is the perfect example as to why. When Yosemite is your backdrop but the more formal and elegant touches of the Ahwahnee are to be blended with the nature you can't help but to fit right in between the two worlds by creating anything less. The colors they had decided to showcase for their wedding were periwinkle, creams, navy blue, antique golds and a pop of a spring green. The peonies were the most gorgeous I had ever worked with, practically the size of melons. We went with a few style centerpieces to play in to the narrow crescent shaped room of the Solarium. The tall vases were best displayed by allowing some free stems to flow in the water with river rock at the base. Surrounding was three antique mercury gold sundae cups with florals and clusters of gold mercury votives. The second style was in the rustic wood box and then 3rd was in a gilded antique gold vase. SM Blog 1 SM Blog 2 SM Blog 3 SM Blog 4 SM Blog 5 SM Blog 11 SM Blog 6 SM Blog 8 SM Blog 7 SM Blog 9 SM Blog 10 SM Blog 12