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Mariellen and Blake - Union Hill Perfection

What can one possibly say when you are blessed enough to work at the unbelievable Union Hill Inn in Sonora, CA. Without adding a dash of anything, the venue speaks for itself. However, when you have a couple that was lucky enough to slide in for this date on a cancellation, you collaborate with their styles and magic happens. I really have no further words to describe the details...I believe this d├ęcor speaks for itself....

Karyn and Andrew - Perfect day in the bay!

Karyn and Andrew were such a sweet breath of fresh air to be selected to be a part of their wedding team. One of my very favorite families to shoot was besties in college with Karyn so she passed along my contact information and of course I was all over getting an opportunity to shoot in Tiburon. Little did I expect the most gorgeous weather on a crisp October day.
All of these details were not only perfect representation of the style of the couple but it was executed in the D.I.Y. fashion. Being in the theater business their movie they ran from the projector from their engagement session was a great way to kick off the feeling of love!
From potted succulents, candy bar, CD's of the couples favorites and the postcards from their around the world travels....the day was simply wonderful. And what better way to top off a great day then surprising the Bride and Groom with an epic Flash Mob!