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Best of 2010 Events

I popped up this morning thinking WOW...where has the time gone for another year to come to a close. So in honor of a first successful year here at Natalie Galasso Designs, I thought I would whip together a series of some of my favorite events. Thank you for all of the creative freedom you have all given me. I'm so honored and excited to conquer yet another full wedding season! Happy New Year!
best of 10 26
best of 10 25
best of 10 3
best of 10 4
best of 10 9
Best of 10 11
Best of 10 1
best of 10 2
best of 10 6
best of 10 6_2
best of 10 21
best of 10 22
best of 10 23
best of 10 12
best of 10 13
best of 10 16
best of 10 15
best of 10 14
best of 10 10
best of 10 8
best of 10 7
best of 10 18
best of 10 19
best of 10 20
best of 10 17
best of 10 24

Francesca Adeline

Well for anyone who didn't know or was wondering where I have been with keeping up on my blog entries...this is what has been happening in my life! This is our sweet little Francesca Adeline (named after both my grandparents). Born on December 8th weighing 7 lbs. 14 oz and 21 1/2 inches long. She came with a full head of dark hair and ready to nurse. Today she is 3 weeks old and is about 9 1/2 lbs already. She has finally straightened her days and nights out so I'm able to get a little sleep. Big sister Antonella is a great helper grabbing diapers and wipes for mommy and making sure Francesca always has her pacifier. Big brother Landon loves to hold her and burp her and help mommy by entertaining Antonella while I'm nursing. Her timing has been perfect as we are gearing up for another fabulous 2011 wedding season!!
Francesca 1
Francesca 31
Francesca 3
holiday 14
holiday 13
holiday 7