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Kim and Steve

Kim's mom Sue first contacted me just about Thanksgiving time last year to inquire about my services and experiences. After some back and forth communication, they decided to proceed with securing me for the date. By May, plans are in full swing and ready to be finalized so they made a trip to me in Merced and we explored all her ideas and visions. We began where I typically always do, colors. She had chosen spiced wine for the girls dresses and guys ties with tan suits. Wanting lots of natural elements to reflect her venue, The Evergreen Lodge, we were limited to flower choices when roses aren't very appropriate for her style and she isn't a fan of the calla lily. Now we have the fun and perfect outdoorsy dahlia and scabiosa to utilize as our base. Then during our consultation, yellows and blues were thrown into the mix. I have to be the first to admit this was a first as far as an over all color scheme for me to work with and I did have a slight hesitation with how this would blend mostly being on the verge of fall in the mountains. Geeez was I pleasantly surprised!!! Once I received the flowers and began prepping them, I was already feeling the flow. All the rest fell into place. I can't wait to see her photographers pictures. I didn't get a chance to get any boutonniere/corsage pictures which were actually one of my favorite details of the day.

Kim's bouquet was designed with Scabiosa Pods, Billy Balls, Dahlias, Dark Scabiosa, Salidago, Delphinium, Thistle, Button Mums, Green and Maroon Mini Cymbidium Orchids. Finished in a burlap with a wine satin knot.

This was the ring bearer's box of flowers. One of my favorite things to design for a wedding!
She had 8 bridesmaids. Kim gave me creative design to make all bouquets reflect each other but each be a little different. It is such an amazing feeling when you are given the power to show off my art.

She utilized the Evergreens arch they provide and we threw in some fall Liquid Amber leaves and some curly willow and I was blown away by the warmth of the colors! The blue was such a nice accent.
Chair Flowers were made with thistle, scabiosa, salidago, and pods.
Cool DIY projext, they collected and provided their own Sugar Pine Cones to line the isle with.

The green spider mum on each place setting look amazing on the brown linens with the other colors popping in the centerpieces.
Another DIY project...they made table names from vintage National Park postcards, double sided and attached them to a little cut of wood.
There were two style centerpieces. Both had a cut of wood as a base with pine cones, river rocks, reindeer moss, and votives around the base. One style, like below was with three different vases/jars, each with a solid flower in it. The other centerpiece was a tall cylinder with river pebbles in the base with a submerged mokara orchid stem and a floating candle.
DIY, Double up on the vintage post cards and then they lined each guest place card/rock in front of the table they were assigned to.

Kale Casen

For those of you that may not know, I have a secret passion. Weddings and events have been my inspiration from the begining and in the midst of building my portfolio the past 7 years and becoming a mommy myself, I've come to find a deep passion for photography. I absolutely love capturing babies, kids and families.

In the planning process of weddings, I get to know and become friends with my clients and as luck would have it...they end up having babies.

This is little Kale. He is super precious and was born Monday, August 16th so also extremely new. He is the grandson of my right hand woman, Hope. She is with me each event I do and is willing to throw down some extra hard hours which is definitely something we do on event weekends. I got to bring Antonella, my 22 month old with me and since I am due this December with another little girl, I have been a little curious to how she is going to react when she has been our baby so far. It was a huge relief! She was kept a good distance but kept squealing "baby" and giggling....phew.

These are the first few shots I blew threw. I will have to do a second post when I get into further images with Kale's big brother and sister!

Meredith and Buro

Meredith was such a happy and easy going bride to work with. After her mom and her had booked my services, I hardly ever heard from them until they made their consultation appointment a month prior to the wedding. I'm so thankful for the clients I get a chance to meet with because it helps me get the best idea of your personality and vision through my clients eyes. She showed me 4 bridal bouquet examples and we rolled it from there and there is pretty much nothing that she vetoed. She gave me ideas like wanting somewhat simple yet bright, happy and colorful with a touch of her husband to be's Hindu tradition. Their venue choice was of course, my favorite, The Evergreen Lodge. The colors chosen were a variety of oranges with highlights of pinks and purples. Her bouquet was designed with Vanda orchids, cockscomb, calla lilies, stock, spray roses, and a variety of orange and purple roses. Finish work was simple and less distracting with the ivory.
All boutonnieres and corsages were designed utilizing all the bridal bouquet flowers but each were a little different. This is always so much fun to put together!

I've been waiting for a chance to make garlands for a Hindu ceremony and we finally did! Love that she broke away from the traditional red and white and decided to stick with the weddings colors scheme.

She shipped me some fabric she found in Chicago and we made some alterations to it and utilized it on her ceremony arch.

Love how all the oranges and pinks pulled together with the attire and florals.

The Evergreen is the most awesome lodge. In the distance you can see the Teepees in a little kid play area.

Yellow Crazy

I have been so yellow crazy this season from all shades! Buttercream, sunshine, mustard, golden, honey...every shade has been gorgeous! From a UC Merced event with a bold bright yellow with a cobalt blue and frosted light glass, to classic black and white with yellow as an accent color and over to a more country mountain Wawona wedding with accents of chocolate brown and sage green. It's been making a crazy appearance being paired with greys and charcoals as well. Yellow is definitely a statement and can be designed with many styles and themes. Peonies, Roses, Orchids, Yarrow, Salidago, Billy Balls, Freesia, Sunflowers, Spider Mums, Ranuculus, and Cockscomb....to name a few.Here are a few of my favorite yellows from this summer.