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Best of 2010 Events

I popped up this morning thinking WOW...where has the time gone for another year to come to a close. So in honor of a first successful year here at Natalie Galasso Designs, I thought I would whip together a series of some of my favorite events. Thank you for all of the creative freedom you have all given me. I'm so honored and excited to conquer yet another full wedding season! Happy New Year!
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Francesca Adeline

Well for anyone who didn't know or was wondering where I have been with keeping up on my blog entries...this is what has been happening in my life! This is our sweet little Francesca Adeline (named after both my grandparents). Born on December 8th weighing 7 lbs. 14 oz and 21 1/2 inches long. She came with a full head of dark hair and ready to nurse. Today she is 3 weeks old and is about 9 1/2 lbs already. She has finally straightened her days and nights out so I'm able to get a little sleep. Big sister Antonella is a great helper grabbing diapers and wipes for mommy and making sure Francesca always has her pacifier. Big brother Landon loves to hold her and burp her and help mommy by entertaining Antonella while I'm nursing. Her timing has been perfect as we are gearing up for another fabulous 2011 wedding season!!
Francesca 1
Francesca 31
Francesca 3
holiday 14
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holiday 7

Playing with Color

Wow...I love it when I browse my external for old images of past work and then come across a surprise, fun mega session I did of my little sister Julia a few years ago. Just to begin in Downtown Merced, who knew we had so many fun building back drops which was a great way to explor color! Then we drove down the road to some farmlands as she's in her city chic designer dress, the people passing by probably had fun trying to figure out what was going on.
Here is for you Jugee as you wait the arrival of baby Zoey!!!
julia 3_2
julia 6_2
julia 9_2
julia 11_2
julia 13_2
julia 16_2

Autumn Red's - A Deep and Bold Bridal Bouquet

This luscious and powerful bouquet was for Tanya's wedding this past weekend at The Ahwahnee in Yosemite National Park. I can not wait to see her photographer, Tanya Aminoffs pictures from the day! Tanya the bride became a fan of mine on my facebook page which is such a new and great way to make contact with future clients. I'm thrilled to have been a part of her day!!
Tanya 10
Tanya 9_2
Tanya 2_2

Prep Time

Just want to give a small taste of what a couple days before a wedding begin to look like around here. This was preparing for a 330 person wedding with fall colors pouring out everywhere!
prep 1
prep 2
Prep 3
prep 4

Kristi & Generation Cupcake

For any of my OC/LA/SD people looking to jump onto the fun of cupcakes when hosting a party, event or wedding, no need to look further, Kristi with Generation Cupcakes is the full service cupcake queen!!! She will certainly blow you away with her amazing detail from everything with the various icings, dusted with glitter and beads, over to her cupcake liners having little embellishments attached to them that coincide with her adorable and theme friendly cupcake flavor display cards and even the cleanly displayed boxes she delivers them in.

Kristi and I have been friends since high school and thanks to the world of social networking, we have been able to keep in touch. If there was anything to know about Kristi, it was always her sense and eye for art and fashion. I've been noticing her progress on pictures she has posted of her work and when it came time to plan my sister Julias baby shower, I was excited to get a chance and see for myself. Being in the coordinating and planning side of the industry and working with countless pastry bakers/bakeries, I can't tell you how much fun it was to be able to throw some photo ideas her way and really, she took it from there. She had a brief explanation of the way the day would flow and I wanted the dessert bar to be a focal point. Then she was given the color pallete of peaches, pinks and greys. Very feminine and eclectic.

Her finished work was literally so beautiful that my niece (3yrs old) had to keep going back to grab more cupcakes since she wouldn't eat any of them because they were too pretty. A cousin of mine that was in attendance also mentioned how awesome her variety of the mini cupcakes (bitesize) were so she didn't feel guilty trying a few flavors.

She asked my sister Julia - mommy to be, what some of her favorite flavors were and we had a wide variety. White cake with lemon frosting, spice cake with cream cheese icing, white cake with chocolate buttercream, cake pops, cake balls, and even saltwater taffy!

The entire set up definitely made the event extra special as well as fullfilling!! Thank you Kristi for the cake pops and balls and for ALL of your hard work. You are so very talented and I wish you the most success with your new companies future!!!
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