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Maternity Shoot ~ Pregnant with Twins!

Every time I come across any photos from this shoot it puts a smile on my face. Laura and Stevie were such a breath of fresh air and at only 5 months pregnant at the time of this shoot, knowing there are two little babies in there, she is looking fantastic and ever so radiant! I couldn't have asked for better weather or surroundings. It was amazing just watching them "be" together, their love is splattered all over these shots! Not to mention the always adorable Tom's x 2 and the nest of Robin's Eggs x 2.... P Mat Blog 12 P Mat Blog 1 P Mat Blog 5 P Mat Blog 3 P Mat Blog 4 P Mat Blog 6 P Mat Blog 7 P Mat Blog 8 P Mat Blog 10 P Mat Blog 9 P Mat Blog 13 P Mat Blog 11 P Mat Blog 14 P Mat Blog 15