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The Metcalfs - Wedding and Beyond

Welcome to my second installment of my experience with relationships built at the start of planning to become a team member for the wedding and it flourishing into friendships that allow me to become a part of a past couples futures.
Meet Shannon and Josh.
Shannon is the longest member of the event planning team at the University of California, Merced. My shop was just a few doors down from her office. I can't remember which came first, professional needs for events or her inquiry about her wedding being held later in the year, October of 2008. Over the course of the next few months we met to discuss her wedding floral details. She has exquisite taste and I was swooned over her details and her romantic vintage theme. The wedding took place at Ironstone Vineyards in Murphys, CA. Her colors were deep reds, rich green foliages, with touches of a burnt orange. To add to the vintage touch we used cut crystal votives and footed urns. All wedding images were done by one of my favorites....Joel Flory!Shannon
After the wedding, I began getting to know Shannon more with our professional connection. She allowed me the opportunity to be a part of Michelle Obama's UC Merced Commencement in May 2009. It was the most unforgettable weekend of my life. We had 4 weddings already booked, over 55 centerpieces for the various events on campus as well as the podium decor, my then 6 month old daughter cut her first tooth and it was 116 degrees. I was given a plaque from the Commencement and it hangs next to my desk as a reminder... if I can make it through that, I can do anything. Shannon and staff did an amazing job with the amount of events, details, guests, etc they had to pull off in just 5 weeks of planning!! Since, we've worked on countless events from both me providing the florals for the UC and also the other way around. Shannon has an event planning business, Shannon Metcalf Events, which she has been able to coordinate weddings along side me.
Now we flash forward to the day after Thanksgiving, 2010. I'm 38 weeks pregnant and I believe judging at her cute belly, she was approx 28 weeks and her and Josh were expecting their first baby! These are a few of my favorite photos from their maternity session.
Metcalf 43_2
Metcalf 49_2
Metcalf 52_2
May I now present you to the sweetest, most alert newborn I've met. This is baby Case! Mom and Dad are sure going to have their hands full with the phone ringing off the hook from the little ladies. He's one handsome little boy...
Case Edits 1_2
Case Edits 5_2
Case Edits 14_2
Case Edits 12_2
Metcalf 25_2
Metcalf 29_2
Metcalf 34_2
Metcalf 44_2
Shannon and Josh, thank you for the opportunity to be a part of and capture glimmers of special times in your lives!

Introducing ~ Custom Flower Halo's for Photo Sessions

Of course it doesn't hurt to have such cuties to always model for me and to also make the most of an updated family photo. I had made one of these for one of my stylish customers to bring to her sister for her baby shower. Now her baby is 4 months old and she called and asked for a mini version which of course gave me the urge to make some cute custom fresh flower Halo's for Antonella and Francesca. We ran down the street to the open field and let them start hammin it up for the camera. Email me if you are interested in family portraits and custom fresh flower Halo's for girls of all ages start at $25.00.
Easter 45-resized
Easter 16_resized
Easter 25-resized
Ella Franky Halo
Easter 18-resized
Easter 14-resized
Ella Faces

A little bit country...A little bit wedding glam

Breanne and Roy created such a customized wedding that fit their style perfectly. Breanne is a horse trainer and Roy raises cattle. They live on a hill about the ceremony site over looking hundreds of acres of their property out in the golden rolling hills of Snelling. They had a huge pole barn where Breanne envisioned the reception. When we first walked the property she was showing me the area of the reception which was still full of hay and there was the coolest old rustic wagons that were perfect to tie into their style. Her colors were black and white and she asked for all bright, spring florals and that is exactly what we designed!
The personal details that they featured at the wedding was a mashed potato bar, cigar bar and signature martinis to greet the guests!
Breanne Bouquet
Breanne Bouquet 2
breanne 2
breanne 4
breanne 7
BR 40-resized
BR 12 - resized
BR 38-resized
breanne 6
BR 27-resized
Breanne 5
BR 24-resized
BR 36-resized
breanne 8
BR 31-resized
Caterer - Melissa Rassmusen - Gourmet Everyday
Cake - Deny Cakes by Cindee Prader
Rentals and Lighting - Event Extravagant

Joe and Nery ~ Spring Engagement Session

Joe Nery e Blog 9
Copy of Joe Nery e Blog 2
Joe Nery e Blog 10
Joe Nery e Blog
Joe Nery e Blog 11
Joe Nery e Blog 4
Joe Nery e Blog 5
Joe Nery e Blog 8
Joe Nery e Blog 3
Joe Nery e Blog 6
Joe Nery e Blog 12