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No Place Like Home For The Holidays

Every November/Decemberish when my wedding season comes to a close, it is always bittersweet. I initially think...phew, time to catch up on some deep cleaning around the house, extra quality time with the kids, take some family portraits for holiday cards, and for business sake...updating my blog and website to share the fun things I've been able to create this year. This year is a different story. I'm sooooo far back on some blog entries but still motivated to get them done soon.

This year has brought some new and exciting experiences. I was asked to decorate some of the shops here in Downtown Merced (photos soon) and then also to help out an extremely artistic and creative client, Sarah, who got married on October 1st this year that we did the florals for. Sarah has a historical home here in Merced which was built in 1900. She was asked to participate in the annual SPCA Christmas Home Tour. There were 5 houses on the tour.

There was very little I contributed to all of her amazingness that she showcased in each room but being a part of it has completely inspired me to take my own home decor to the next level (this year kid friendly of course).
I hope all of my viewers can get the same feel from some of these photos I took around her house to give a little more attention to our own detail to create the ultimate holiday experience right at home!!

Sarah Blog 2
love the contrast of the black urns that she used for the poinsettias. All of the garland definitely brings the holiday look.
Sarah Blog 1
Sarah Blog 3
Sarah Blog 4
Sarah Blog 5
Sarah Blog 6
She took a basic holiday greens wreath and enhanced it silver bulbs, red birds, lemons and the dried yellow billy balls leftover from her wedding.
Sarah Blog 7
Sarah Blog 9
Sarah Blog 8
The fan shapped wall piece I created with leftover flocked scraps that Sarah gave me and then we enhanced with gold seeded euc, holly and sugar pines then wrapped it in burlap. The photo on the right is her coffee table where she displayed some treats as well as history books that include information on the house.
Sarah Blog 10
Love the simple touches of the fruits she intermixed wtih the garland. The orange is such a great color to include.
Sarah Blog 11
Love the simple Anise wreath that she made more holidayish with simply wrapping the ribbon around it. Then in her huge front window she clustered various wreaths with a footed vase filled with pinecones at the base and fresh holly out of the top.
SArah Blog 12
Sarah Blog 13
The white shabby chic buffet table was kept fresh and white. She asked for a flower arrangement with golds, yellows, creams and greens. Who knew it would look so amazing with all of the colors of the tree!
Sarah Blog 14
Some simple pussy willow to enhance her tall bud vases and then a Nature's Leaf Mistletoe that is dipped and preserved to last for all the years to come.
Sarah Blog 15
Sarah Blog 16
Sarah Blog 17
The birdcage was another element that she used from her wedding and still serves as a great decor piece for her dining room.
Sarah Blog 18
Sarah Blog 19
Sarah Blog 20
So in love with these emerald walls!
Sarah Blog 21
Cute enhancements for the kitchen windows.
Sarah Blog 22
Above her stove is the large gold frame with the antique keys and tags that her wedding guests wrote wells wishes to the new couple. It is the perfect fit to display in the kitchen.
Sarah Blog 23
There was fun treats for all of the guests including these adorable melting snowman cookies.
Sarah Blog 24
Sarah is a high school art teacher and her students all donated some of their artwork for her tour. All proceeds went to the SPCA.
Sarah Blog 25
This is the office room upstairs. She sprayed and hung a white branch over the couch and added some LED ornaments and white birds. I made the floral arrangement to coincide with the colors.
Sarah Blog 26
This is a random chair and table at the top of the stairs. Such a simple and perfect look. Love the use of orange again.
Sarah Blog 27
Upstairs guest bathroom. The animal print with some of the holiday reds and greens is adorable! Now enter....the carousel room!
Sarah Blog 28
Sarah Blog 29
Sarah Blog 30
Sarah Blog 31
This is the downstairs bathroom. So in love with this color combo too!
Sarah Blog 32
Sarah Blog 34
Ok....seriously this is a dream bedroom for me. The colors are amazing, all of it is so so perfect. Love the pale peachy pink with the pops of blue and then cute little candy cane touches, my favorite of the whole house!
Sarah Blog 35
Sarah Blog 36
Sarah Blog 33
Lastly....the master bedroom. Love how Sarah displayed the layered look to the wreaths and the freshness of the white, red and black combo.
Cookies and Treats - Candy & Couture Events

Weekend Update

The best part about wedding season starting to slow down is realizing how behind you can get on your blog and sharing with the rest of the world the fun things we have created! So we can all prepare to start seeing more happening this fall.
This was my last extremely busy weekend for 2011 and I wanted to take a moment to share a couple clippets. Friday started with an elegant cowboy bridal shower, over to a super detailed and custom wedding at Union Hill in Columbia, to run back to Merced to shoot a Sweet 16 Birthday party then Sunday at the Ahwahnee Hotel for an adorable yellow and gray wedding. More to come from each event...
Weekend Blog 7
Weekend Blog 1
Weekend Blog 2
Weekend Blog 3
Weekend Blog 4
Weekend Blog 6
Weekend Blog 5

Shelbi and Nick - Autumn Charm

If anyone knows me, you know I'm a complete junkie for anything fall. Of course whenever I get a new inquiry I'm always inspired to connect and capture every clients vision so I can take that and exceed all expectations with my floral designs but since I'm a lover of all fall colors, I melt each time I get that first fall palette booking. Shelbi was my first for 2011.

Ironically, she had been doing some random searches and comes across a Harmony and Jacob's wedding photos and Harmony just happens to work with Shelbi. I always get a kick out of the conncetions of living in a smaller town vs my typical clientele in Yosemite that I build online and phone relationships with from all over the world.

The first meeting Shelbi had melted me. We are an autumn match made in Heaven! She's describing the backyard, and using key terms like coppers, rust, chocolate brown, individual jars of jam, rich....I'm in love.

Below are a few shots from some of the details of the day...
Shelbi Blog 1
Shelbi Blog 2
Shelbi Blog 3
Shelbi Blog 6
Shelbi Blog 11
Shelbi Blog 7
Shelbi Blog 5
Shelbi Blog 4
Shelbi Blog 13
Shelbi Blog 17
Shelbi Blog 14
Shelbi Blog 8
Shelbi Blog 12
Shelbi Blog 16

If I can now take a moment to give a little shout out to my amazing up and coming business partner, Landon!! He's been doing wedding with me since he was 2 weeks old and already has such an eye for detail. He helped me by getting the ceremony buckets lined down the isle, took these photos and because the DJ was awesome, he let Landon hang out with him and even spin on the Wheels of Steel. Thank you Landon for being my #1!!!
Shelbi Blog 10
Shelbi Blog 15