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Shelbi and Nick - Autumn Charm

If anyone knows me, you know I'm a complete junkie for anything fall. Of course whenever I get a new inquiry I'm always inspired to connect and capture every clients vision so I can take that and exceed all expectations with my floral designs but since I'm a lover of all fall colors, I melt each time I get that first fall palette booking. Shelbi was my first for 2011.

Ironically, she had been doing some random searches and comes across a Harmony and Jacob's wedding photos and Harmony just happens to work with Shelbi. I always get a kick out of the conncetions of living in a smaller town vs my typical clientele in Yosemite that I build online and phone relationships with from all over the world.

The first meeting Shelbi had melted me. We are an autumn match made in Heaven! She's describing the backyard, and using key terms like coppers, rust, chocolate brown, individual jars of jam, rich....I'm in love.

Below are a few shots from some of the details of the day...
Shelbi Blog 1
Shelbi Blog 2
Shelbi Blog 3
Shelbi Blog 6
Shelbi Blog 11
Shelbi Blog 7
Shelbi Blog 5
Shelbi Blog 4
Shelbi Blog 13
Shelbi Blog 17
Shelbi Blog 14
Shelbi Blog 8
Shelbi Blog 12
Shelbi Blog 16

If I can now take a moment to give a little shout out to my amazing up and coming business partner, Landon!! He's been doing wedding with me since he was 2 weeks old and already has such an eye for detail. He helped me by getting the ceremony buckets lined down the isle, took these photos and because the DJ was awesome, he let Landon hang out with him and even spin on the Wheels of Steel. Thank you Landon for being my #1!!!
Shelbi Blog 10
Shelbi Blog 15


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