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Kale Casen

For those of you that may not know, I have a secret passion. Weddings and events have been my inspiration from the begining and in the midst of building my portfolio the past 7 years and becoming a mommy myself, I've come to find a deep passion for photography. I absolutely love capturing babies, kids and families.

In the planning process of weddings, I get to know and become friends with my clients and as luck would have it...they end up having babies.

This is little Kale. He is super precious and was born Monday, August 16th so also extremely new. He is the grandson of my right hand woman, Hope. She is with me each event I do and is willing to throw down some extra hard hours which is definitely something we do on event weekends. I got to bring Antonella, my 22 month old with me and since I am due this December with another little girl, I have been a little curious to how she is going to react when she has been our baby so far. It was a huge relief! She was kept a good distance but kept squealing "baby" and giggling....phew.

These are the first few shots I blew threw. I will have to do a second post when I get into further images with Kale's big brother and sister!


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