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The local Catholic School here in Merced did an annual fundraiser where they host wine and food booths from 10 different countries. I was asked to be a part in designing 10 different arrangements to represent each of the countries. This was a blast! I just looked up the country flags and tried to utilize flowers that represent each of these countries.

Germany - Black, Red and Gold
Nicaragua - Royal Blue and White
Portugal - Deep Red, Green and Gold
Ireland - Green, Orange and White.
I used Bells of Ireland

Mexico - Green, White and Red
Italy - Green, White and Red.
I decided to go more Tuscan and throw in some Rosemary
Scotland - Royal Blue and White
I used the Thistle which represents the country.
Philippines - Red, White, Blue and Gold
Thailand - Red, White and Blue
They grow many of my orchids I design with!


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