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Organic Elegance

What can make a design so striking is not just the floral design but what vessel is chosen to help highlight the arrangement. Even when working with clear glass, the shape being cylinder, square, crystal, trumpet, pedestal or even accenting with ribbons, rhinestones, etc can change the look and feel of the decor. With being in the industry for over 8 years now, I feel things come in cycles with styles and each round is reinvented. Milk glass has been coming around again full circle. There was a few weddings in 2005 and 2006 which were breathtaking because they went with all milk glass and then now again this past July with Emily and Matt. These arrangements were inspired by my wedding for next weekend which is going to be a very soft and romantic floral feel but all designed from the milk glass the bride has provided. A dear customer and friend of mine always contacts me for all holidays to design some arrangements for her home. This Easter she has requested creams and succulents and let me take it away. A couple of the photos are of the same arrangement but from various angles just to take in the textures of the design. Organic Elegant Blog 1 Organic Elegant Blog 3 Organic Elegant Blog 6 Organic Elegant Blog 5 Organic Elegant Blog 7 Organic Elegant Blog 8


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