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Nery and Joe - Wedding and Beyond

We first got to see Nery and Joe's Engagement Session last spring which was already a year after the wedding! I tip my hat to bloggers and loyal website updaters around the world. Between being a mother of 3, having a wedding floral business and photography on the side, I've also began getting back in to some exercising with regular trips to the gym and a couple nights a week playing some slow pitch softball. There is rarely enough time to squeeze in my silly reality TV Shows. I get overwhelmed with which event to post first, which I'm working on submitting, working out where to apply my focus of entries, etc, so it isn't getting the attention that it deserves. On the flip side, as time has passed, life goes on and new changes take place! Nery and Joe were married in May of 2010 at The Double T in Livingston. Coolest old cowboy town in this wild west! Here are a few images from this fun day along with the exciting next step in their lives.....baby time! They are due this fall with their first baby and are going to wait and see what they have! JN Blog 3 JN Blog 2 JN Blog 1 JN Blog 5 JN Blog 6 JN Blog 4 JN Blog 7 JN Blog 11 JN Blog 12 JN Blog 14 JN Blog 13 JN Blog 9 JN Blog 16 JN Blog 15 JN Blog 18 JN Blog 17 JN Blog 19 JN Blog 20 JN Blog 22 JN Blog 23 JN Blog 24


Kristin Huffaker Greenhaw said...

I love these maternity photos! Gorgeous!

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