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Eclectic Love

Being a big wedding blog surfer can become extremely overwhelming with the amount of details and styles that can go into a concept of a wedding. This past weekend I had a chance to design flowers for a couple who live in the LA area but had their wedding on the groom's family property on the outskirts of Merced. I had no idea such beauty was right here in this town. The bride gave me the cutest detailed map for the out of town guest to not only locate every available Starbucks but there is no physical address for this house. She used key markers like a bridge to take you on the long dirt road which passes the runway for their airplanes, all to take you up a little hill to this beautiful simple house with a 360 degree view of the rolling foothills and nature. It was a dream!
Jocelyn chose a rustic theme which can be so open. She sent over a few photo samples and when we met she brought the blue tinted mason jars, bud vases and pieces from my obsession store, Anthropolgie!! She bought the green and blue crackled ceramic pots there and with out a doubt...it made the whole style of the wedding as well as blend the flower choices with the other various pieces she provided. I can not wait to see her photographers images to share the layout of the day. Just shows how many different styles and colors can come together and fit perfectly.
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