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Peach, Platinum, Pewter

While trying to vibe through color swatches, it is always important to try and visualize the full picture. I threw together some of the swatches with a palette of pale yellow, peach, platinum and pewter thinking how hideous it sounds but not sure how I'm feeling about the combination. Then I rummaged through some leftovers I had on hand and matched them with my color scheme. Working with the various textures and seeing the variety come together in a bouquet creation....ahhhh, love it! This is just a reminder to keep your mind open to new and unusual color combos and to also look beyond just seeing colors in such stiff forms and work within the colors. Besides flowers you can pull from vases, china, linen, fabrics, food, candles and ribbons!
Peach Platinum Pewter
PeachySilver 3
PeachySilver 1
PeachySilver 2


Stephanie said...

I love it!

Soportales 8 said...

I love the ease with which it is made this bouquet! It has some beautiful colors! In short, say I'm thrilled to find this blog, because I think that pubic beautiful things. Congratulations on your good hand you have for the flowers! With your permission, I became a follower ... I invite you to visit our blog whenever you want.
Greetings and see you soon!

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