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Shely and Ryan - Orchard Glam

When this project was first proposed to me by Melissa from Everyday Gourmet, she had the description of the set up being out in an almond orchard with the colors being ivory and burgundy so immediately I'm visualizing footed urns, rustic boxes, trailing vines, etc. Then comes my first client meeting with Shely and Ryan and I'm thinking I had this nailed and then after watching Shely glance through my portfolios, I'm noticing she is pulled towards the ballroom elegance. So, we take that and make it fit into the orchard setting to come up with our orchard glam!

The choices came down to such simple styles and overall that gave it a greater imapact. The flowers used were roses, hydrangeas, orchids and curly willow. Creating arrangements in all color using large vases with crystals gave it a more elegant finish and the short black vases added some modern twists. Having the design freedom to create the Altar arrangements which were then re-used on the head table was a style I've always wanted to try and was so amazed by the finish product!!

All guests tables were under the tent and thankfully Mother Nature turned down the heat a bit for this late June mid afternoon occassion. The dance floor was set in the middle of the orchard as well as some lounge couches and a full bar across the way. In addition to the traditional wedding cake, they chose to go with individual pies and cheesecake slices for guest to self serve. Below is a preview throughout the day!

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Floral Design and Ceremony Coordinating - Natalie Galasso Designs
Event Catering and Design - Chef Melissa Gourmet Everyday
Ceremony Coordinating - Shannon Metcalf Events
Rentals - Event Extravagant

Videography - Andrew Hsu - Studio MSV
Cake and Dessert - Deny Cakes by Cindee Prader
DJ - Sounds in Motion
Ceremony and Social Hour Music - Laura Porter - Harpist


Soportales 8 said...

The arrangements are simple but very well presented. I love tall vases glass fruits and vegetables inside, make a great effect!

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