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Kelly and Roy - Peacock Elegance

Kelly is an old friend of mine from my cocktailing days before becoming a mom and entering the floral side of weddings. She herself is an artist with a passion for fashion...I really didn't mean for that to flow but I guess it fits. She definitely has always had the vision of the use of peacock feathers in her wedding....long before they became the trend. When first communicating with her and pulling images of inspiration, we found a lot of colors going on as you tend to see with peacock feathers....teals, purples, even fuschia. With reminding that she wanted a very elegant and classy look, the colors were streamlined into a midnight navy blue, antique golds and creams with the use of the feathers and some accents of actual little peacocks for that slight touch of teal. The date was set for October 1st at Los Willows in Fallbrook, CA. So after a very busy September 24th weekend, I packed up the family and headed south. Thankfully with that being my home, I have lots of family for the kids to be well entertained while I tackle an event. Below are some details to highlight the day.
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The bridal bouquet was designed with mini white calla lilies and mini white cymbidiums with clusters of white feathers finished with white Italian satin and an angel pendant that belonged to her grandmother.
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Bridesmaid Bouquets were designed with vendella roses, eggplant calla lilies, an antique gold succulent and a cluster of peacock feathers. Finished with a navy satin and gold pinning. On the right is an antique gold succulent wristlet.
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Kelly and Roy, thank you for inviting me to join this amazing team to make your day magical! Wishing you a lifetime of hapiness!!!


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