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Sharon and Daniel - Speechless Details

When it comes to think of how to title my various blog entries, its a pretty basic process....name the couple along with the style or theme of their decor. In the wedding inspiration world there are no such words to give this entire wedding, from venue down to the placemat, a proper description without jumping into the broad category of "rustic," so I choose to leave it as I have been left....speechless! Sharon and Daniel are both so amazingly talented and creative, they put the term DIY to new levels begining with their website that they designed and created. That entire style was the heart to each detail that went into this event. They were introduced to me through a previous creative and awesome client Courtney from Lucky Plum . I loved her style and artistic eye so much that she helped brand my company and created my logo! When Sharon first contacted me, I was a few weeks away from giving birth to my 3rd baby and when I looked at the link to the venue, Union Hill , Columbia, that they were to have their wedding....I melted!!! Where has this hidden jewel been all my life? A few months and a newborn later, the team of us vendors met onsite to get a first hand look into what their day will be like. With it being an October date it was hard to plan for an outdoor reception and after walking the grounds, it would be amazing no matter what the weather. The photos from the wedding day I had a chance to grab is just a small snippet of the variety of spots around the entire grounds. The little cottage where the groom and groomsmen get ready is a restored chicken coop, the bridal house is decorated in a shabby chic Victorian style and you go through a little trellis tunnel lined with distressed white old windows, small vineyard, an old cabin/barn house that has a large wooden table in the center with tall vaulted ceilings and tons of various paintings up and down all the walls. This is where there was a kitchen of amazing desserts being made by the grooms sister for the couples old fashion dessert table. Sharon tea dyed and stamped each napkin to blend with the pattern of the wedding. Incorporated hand painted signage and sewn flags for "Here Comes The Bride," utilized bare wood rectangle tables for a family style dinner and at the center of each table was a large flat picnic basket. In the basket was a collection of vintage china in various shades of pink and the silverware for each guest to grab and then dish up. The placemats were found through BHLDN. They carried their personalized logo throughout as well all the way down to their custom made stamp for their guest favors of homemade biscuit kits. The isle was lined with large mason jar arrangmenets which were then turned over to use in the sea of mason jars that were filled with flowers and candles that created the runner effect for the centerpieces. Her color choices were unique and blended together amazingly. The touch of the plum foliage, a soft pink accent some bold spurts of goldenrod and some over all rich fall hues and textures fit perfectly like all other details. The ribbon was supplied from The Ribboniere in San Francisco for the bouquets and boutonnieres and to highlight some of the mason jar florals. Sharon and Daniel also chose their bad ass boutonnieres which was my favorite part to design for the wedding. So excited to see the actual wedding photos from the incredible One Love Photo but in the meantime....enjoy. SD Blog 1 SD Blog 2 SD Blog 3 SD Blog 4 SD Blog 9 SD Blog 10 SD Blog 5 SD Blog 7 SD Blog 8 SD Blog 6 SD BLog 11 SD Blog 12 SD Blog 13 SD Blog 14 SD Blog 22 SD Blog 19 SD Blog 18 SD Blog 24 SD Blog 15 SD Blog 20 SD Blog 16 SD Blog 21 SD Blog 23


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